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Dear Cox-Gifford Seawinds Family,
We wanted George's funeral to be a celebration of his life - and you presented the atmosphere and ambiance that helped to make this possible. Every member of the "team" was so helpful and courteous. Kristin was absolutely amazing! Her warmth and expertise were so appreciated. Thank you for being such a caring family.
In Appreciation

Judith Schmidt and Family

October '22

Just wanted to thank you for your compassionate handling of my husband's final wishes.

The time and patience you took with each and every detail helped make my and my family's experience very comforting.

Elizabeth C

October '22

I wanted to thank you for your flawless and thoughtful care of our family over the last few weeks, but in particular Sunday and Monday.

You are amazing at what you do from the organization, efficiency and empathy you always showed. It was all so very much appreciated!


October '22

This is Eileen O'Neill - I'm one of the daughter's of Mary O'Neill who you and your team just did a wake and funeral service for earlier this week. I just wanted to write and say everything went as well as possible. Your team was very helpful and kind.

I also wanted to thank you for letting me disrupt your morning a few weeks ago and get information on the services. It was oddly therapeutic and it also helped my bickering siblings get ahead of issues:) In the end I was super happy my brothers agreed on the sapphire casket I picked out with you. Thanks again for your time and thoughtfulness.

Eileen O'Neill

October '22

They handled my mothers arrangements in 2013 and recently needed to have some revisions done to my mothers death certificate and they handled it quickly and efficiently. Philip was professional and so very considerate. Thank you to all.

Jennifer B

July '19

When words fail, and the raw emotions of sadness, grief and the pain of loss set in, you want the best care!!!!!! There are no words to express how well Phillip represented Cox Gifford Seawinds, Vero Beach, during the recent death of my father!!!!!!

M Lord

May '19

I am writing to say that Tara Stanley at Cox Gifford Seawinds was wonderful. I recently lost my Dad of 92 years old, and she was so kind and helpful in what is never an easy experience. I really appreciate her gentle kind ways, she was great, and thank you.

Scott B

January '19

The memorial service that Mr. Lundy helped us plan and carry out during the recent passing of my mother was beautiful. Mr. Lundy helped us through every step. He was patient, warm, sincere, and knowledgeable.

Susan R

November '18

I am very pleased with the service I received from CGS. Sherry, Laura, and Tara were attentive , accommodating, and resourceful with the planning of my Dad's funeral. He was a veteran ; however, we were unable to locate his discharge papers.

Cari M

September '17